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Our mission is simple: Home Affordability for All ™. HutFund ™ allows you to buy your dream home, your "Hut" at a fraction of a cost. Then, when you are ready, buy blocks of the home's equity owned by your co-investors over time until you own it 100%. With access to immediately available investment funds from local and international investors, we help you accomplish your goal of home ownership through crowdfunding.

Are you tired of renting? Stay rent-free forever. Low downpayment required to purchase your dream home. Find your Hut.
Currently own your home? You can reduce your mortgage debt, or use funds to diversify investments, or use it for college education Find investors.
Are you currently experiencing financial hardship but would like to keep your home? Find investors.
Are you tired of being a landlord? Invest in a property without the headaches of tenant and property management. Find households.
Are you a passive investor who believes in the proven success of long-term appreciation in real estate? Invest for as low as $5,000. Find properties.
Are you doing a 1031 tax-deferred exchange, and can't find a replacement property? Have too much taxable cash boot? Subject to certain rules, ownership under a Delaware Statutory Trusts or Tenant In Common qualifies the replacement property. Contact us.

What problems do I solve by using HutFund ™ ?

How does it work?

Power of crowdfunding

  • Buyers: create your household profile, indicate your preferred area, and funding goal.
    Investors: specify your investment criteria in your profile.

  • Buyers: add properties you love to your wishlist. Invite potential investors, your family or friends, or our member investors to fund.
    Investors: endorse deserving family households, pledge and commit funds.

  • Pledges or commits from investors to funding the household is obtained. When goal is reached, it's time to Lock-In a property. HutFund ™ will take over and finally ink the deal!

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